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Hakata Dontaku Port Festival

2024/05/03 - 2024/05/04

The Hakata Dontaku Port Festival, held on May 3rd and 4th every year, is a traditional event in Fukuoka that is said to have started approximately 840 years ago.Its long history has been preserved through the efforts of its predecessors, despite overcoming many difficulties, including temporary interruptions due to war, and about 60 years ago it became a "Fukuoka citizens' festival" with full participation."Dontaku" comes from the Dutch word Zondag (meaning holiday) and is said to be one of the largest festivals in Japan during Golden Week.An eve festival to celebrate the event will be held from the evening of May 2nd, and on the day of the festival, men and women of all ages will march around the town banging rice scoops to the traditional ``Hakata Matsuhayashi'' to celebrate, marching, and acting and dancing on the main stage. So, Fukuoka city is all about the festival...Dontaku.In the past, there were Hakata ramen stalls, and we encountered the "Nishitetsu Flower car" that was parading through the streets for the eve of the festival, and the people sitting next to us and the people in the surrounding area had a great time, and we were looking forward to Dontaku starting tomorrow... There were also moments when my heart fluttered.We also recommend enjoying Dontaku while eating at one of Fukuoka's famous food stalls. “Hakata Dontaku Port Festival” will be held for the 63rd time this year.Why not go to the traditional Hakata Dontaku Port Festival?※写真提供…1枚目:福岡県観光連盟、2枚目:福岡市

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