This 15 tatami mat Japanese-style guest room features one very large window along the garden,
with its waterfall with water drawn from the Otozure River. Between the window and the room itself,
take your leisure chatting together at the sunken kotatsu (heated table, with heated flooring).
From your seat at the kotatsu, enjoy the sight of the garden lit-up at night,
and its changing scenery set off by the colors of the four seasons.

Guest Room Information

Capacity 2-5 guests Size Approximately 60 m² (15 tatami mat Japanese-style room, veranda/heated kotatsu table set into the floor)
Located in (building) Akebono Floor number 3-5th
Bath Room Bath (toilet is separate) Bedding Futon
Wifi Free
Facilities Heated toilet with bidet, TV, telephone, kettle, refrigerator, safe, hair dryer, towel-dryer, washstand, and air purifier with humidifying function.
Amenities Bath towel, face towel, hand soap, body soap, shampoo, conditioner, teeth brushing kit, yukata (cotton robe), haori (traditional light jacket worn over the yukata), glasses, tea utensils, tea set (green tea, drip coffee), shower cap, hair elastic, cotton pad, Q-tips, razor, toner, cleanser, socks, hair brush, and slippers.
  • Rooms pictured are examples. (We will assign your room number)
  • Hot water in the bathroom is not hot spring water.
  • Samue (Buddhist monk's work garment) for children are available (For heights of 90-150 cm). Please let us know your child's height when you make a request.
  • All guest rooms will be non-smoking as of April, 2019. (Including e-cigarettes/Smoking will only be allowed on the balconies of some guest rooms)
  • Smoking customers may make use of the smoking space, "The Cigarette Bar," on the 1st and 2nd floors.
  • Guests who wish to stay in barrier-free rooms are invited to look at our deluxe twin.

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