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Kawachi Wisteria Garden

The Kawachi Wisteria Garden was selected in an online feature by CNN as one of the "31 Most Beautiful Places in Japan." Every year during Golden week, when the wisteria burst into bloom, it's a popular spot with visitors from across and outside of Japan. There are a total of 22 different varieties of wisteria, including Noda Japanese wisteria, kunibeni (lipstick) wisteria, purple-red, red, white, yae (multi-layered), long, medium, and short. In the gentle spring sunlight, you'll be surrounded by the elegant fragrance of the wisteria that extend into the garden. One of its highlights are the two wisteria tunnels close to the garden entrance. There is a smaller tunnel of 80 meters, and a larger one of 110 meters, and each elegant light purple and white arcade is likely to draw gasps from visitors. We recommend taking some commemorative photos here. The wisteria trellis extends for about 3,300 square meters. The Kawachi Wisteria Garden is in fact a private garden, created by its passionate owner. He began cultivating the land in 1968, and after dedicating a great effort over a number of years, he opened the garden in 1977. Looking around at all of the branches heavily-laden with wisteria, one can see all the love he put into cultivating them. This Golden Week, we encourage you to include the wisteria bloom at the Kawachi Wisteria Garden in your schedule as your travel.
Time 2020 Mid Apr - 2020 Early May 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (Each group of visitors is allowed in at a specified time)
Location Kawachi Wisteria Garden
Access ・大谷山荘よりお車で約分
・お車で(山口方面):北九州都市高速道路 山路(Sanji)ICから約20分
・お車で(九州方面)」:北九州都市高速道路 大谷(Otani)lCから約20分
Parking Free parking for 200 vehicles
Price/s Garden Entry Fee: Adults (over 18 y/o) 1,500 yen Two individuals of high school age or under may enter for free with one adults
*An additional fee may be required on the day of your visit, depending on the state of the bloom (500 yen - 1,000 yen. Paid at the garden's reception.)

Kawachi Wisteria Garden

2-2-48 Kawachi, Yahatahigashi-ku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture 805-0045

TEL: +81-829-44-2011

Tickets are planned to go on sale at convenience stores in mid-March

Notes *その年の天候により開園期間は異なります