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Hagi Castle Town (World Heritage Site)

Enjoy cafés built in old-style Japanese houses, too. Kimonos suit this town, with its traditional white plaster walls.

The castle town of Hagi was built with rows of middle- and low-ranking samurai houses after Mori Terumoto constructed Hagi Castle in 1604. The Hagi Domain flourished over 260 years with a wealth of 360,000 koku (income measured in rice), and the streets of the castle town featured stately samurai residences, earthern and namako walls (with striking white cross-hatchings on black) overlooking natsu mikan oranges, and the original town plan, lined with characteristic low walls, remains to this day. In July 2015 the town was registered as a World Heritage Site.
In May, the mikan oranges blossoms, filling the town with a sweet fragrance. The sight of the orange fruit against the white walls of the castle town makes for a uniquely Hagi sight, and for a beautiful photograph.
In autumn, events are held that allow visitors to really experience the feeling of this historical castle town. The "Kimono Walk in Hagi" is a particularly popular and photogenic event.
Access from Otani Sanso Approx. 40 minutes by car
Recommended by locals

Annually, early-mid October
Kimono Week in Hagi

Annually, mid-November
Hagi Jidai Festival

Annually, from February 3 – April 3
Old Dolls of Hagi Castle Town

*A special autumn opening of the old residence of the Kikudani Family residence will also be held.

Address In the neighborhood of Minamifuruhagi-machi, Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture 758-0077
Parking Available (Paid: Hagi/Meirin Center, Hagi Museum Parking Lot: Regular-sized cars: 310 yen/day, etc.)
Website Hagi City Sightseeing Website "Burari Hagi Aruki": Hagi Castle Town Course別ウィンドウ