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Nagayamon Café Tikal

This café is located within the old gate of the Ogawa Family residence, a municipally designated tangible cultural property. Enjoy coffee, roasted here, in a Hagi pottery cup.

With all of its historical and cultural remains, temples, and artifacts from the past, you may find yourself exploring Hagi's city streets much more than you expected. Should you become tired from your long walk, we recommend taking a break at Nagayamon Café, where you can drink your coffe in a Hagi pottery cup. The café is located within a municipally designated tangible cultural property, the old Ogawa Family residence's old gate, where it has operated for 20 years as a popular location amongst coffee lovers. Typically, over 20 varieties of available here. Amongst these is Diamantina Oshimatsu (Brazil, Yoshimatsu Plantation), coffee born from Shunan City in southern Yamaguchi; and fresh, raw coffee beans from all over the world, which are roasted here. Visitors can choose their preference, from light to dark roast.
For sweets, we encourage you to try the almond flavors of the "bayern" cake. A visit to the café is also exciting because café-goers can enjoy this historical cultural property for free.
Access from Otani Sanso Approx. 33 minutes by car
Recommended by locals

One of the Nagayamon Café’s cakes of the day is it’s “bayern” cake. The almond flavor of its flour is exquisite, and pairs wonderfully with coffee.
3 types of gentler Hagi coffee are available, “Hako-iri-musume orange,” “Katsube” with its harmony of bitterness and acidity, and the slightly stronger “Fukumimi.” (450 yen each)

Address 298-1 Hijiwara, Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture 758-0025
Business/Opening Hours 9:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Open until 6:00 p.m. on Sundays and National Holidays

Holidays/Closed Days Monday

Cake of the Day 380 yen
Hako-iri-musume orange, Flavor of Hagi Blend: 460 yen, and others
*Over 20 varieties of coffee available
* Various prices are reference prices as of 2019-2020. Please contact each facility directly for details.

26 seats available

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