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Nagato Ichinomiya Sumiyoshi-jinja Shrine (National Treasure)

One of the 3 great Sumiyoshi-jinja Shrines. Its main hall, with its unique 9-ken streamlined roof style, is a National Treasure.

Alongside those in Osaka and Hakata, this is one of Japan's three great Sumyoshi-jinja Shrines (dedicated to the sumiyoshi dieties).
Built by the shogun Hiroyo Ouchi in 1370, this shrine's main hall with its cypress bark thatching has been designated a National Treasure, and viewers can admire the beauty of its unusual 9-ken (a ken being the distance between supporting pillars of the shrine) streamlined roof style (nagare-zukuri).
The Sumiyoshi-jinja front hall, in front of the main hall, was constructed in 1539 with a donation from daimyo Mori Motonari, and is designated as a National Important Cultural Property.
Unlike Osaka's Sumiyoshi-jinja Shrine, Nagato Ichinomiya, this Sumiyoshi-jinja Shrine at which many of history's samurai prayed, the three sumiyoshi deities (Sokotsutsu-no-O-no-Mikoto, Nakatsutsu-no-O-no-Mikoto, and Uwatsutsu-no-O-no-Mikoto) are enshrined together, where their "aramitama," or spirities are enshrined.
More than one Shinto god is enshrined here, including the following.
First Group: Three Sumiyoshi Deities (Sokotsutsu-no-O-no-Mikoto, Nakatsutsu-no-O-no-Mikoto, and Uwatsutsu-no-O-no-Mikoto)
Second Group: Emperor Ojin
Third Group: Takenouchi-no-Sukune
Fourth Group: Emperess Jingu
Fifth Group: Takeminakata

In fact, the Sumiyoshi-jinja Shrine in Nagato Yumoto, is enshrined as a Sumiyoshi god of onsen in Shimonoseki.
Access from Otani Sanso Approx. 70 minutes by car
Recommended by locals

January Mekari Seaweed Festival
*Old New Year’s Day

Otaue Rice-Planting Festival
(3rd Sunday in May)

Fall Festival
September 23 (Sunday)

Oimi Festival/Annual Festival
December 8 (Saturday) – 15 (Saturday)

Kawatari Festival
December 1

Address 11-1 1 Chome, Ichinomiyasumiyoshi, Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Prefecture 751-0805
Parking Available (Free)
Website Oidemase Yamaguchi "Sumiyoshi-jinja Shrine Main Hall"別ウィンドウ