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Susa Hornfels

Magnificent striped cliffs and extremely powerful magnetic rocks. How about a geo-trip to experience some of nature's most incredible resources?

The Susa Hornfels have been selected as one of the "100 places of scenic heritage left in Japan in the 21st century," and one of "100 geological features in Japan." With their alternating layers of white and grey rock, the cliffs were created 140,000,000 years ago by heat from magma caused by changes in the earth's crust, and they are highly regarded by geologists. There are two ways to take in the Susa Hornfels: either with a ride in a sightseeing boat, or by taking in the view from the viewing platform. For those you aren't easily susceptible to motion sickness, consider trying the sightseeing boat. The sightseeing boat is also a squid fishing boat, so it can bring visitors very close to the cliffs, where they can experience the majesty of the rocks up close. The view from the Koyama Viewing Platform also offers a lovely panorama allowing you to see far off into Susa Bay. There's one more thing you should know about the Koyama Viewing Platform. The platform is also the site of the Koyama Magnetic Rocks (a nationally designated Natural Monument), which are rare in Japan. It is said that the rocks have enough magnetism to cause compasses to go wild. The peak of Mt. Koyama can also be visited by car in a 15 minute drive from the hornfels, so we highly recommend a visit. *We also recommend bringing a compass with you.
Access from Otani Sanso Approx. 90 minutes by car
Address Koyama Kita-kaigan, Susa, Hagi City 759-3411
Parking For 30 regular-sized cars, 3 large buses (Free)
Website Hagi City Official Sightseeing Website "Burari Hagi Aruki": "Susa Hornfels"別ウィンドウ