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【Yamaguchi Souvenirs】 We have new hagi-yaki earthenware from Tsukasa Kaneko (December)

Ceramic works by the artist Tsukasa Kaneko have arrived in Otani Sanso’s Hagi-yaki Gallery.

We have selected a number of soup cups, serving plates, sake cups, and more to bright a little color to your home in winter.  

Make hagi-yaki ceramics a part of your everyday life.

Enjoy hot items like stew or hot pot, or even hot sake even more in the delicate shapes and bright colors of Tsukasa Kaneko’s playful pieces. The Hagi-yaki Gallery offers a variety of hagi-yaki pieces to enjoy on a daily basis. Come feel them with your own hands, and find your favorite piece. *Photo: Taken at Tsukasa Kaneko’s workshop.  

Touch each of these little mushrooms, and see just how unique each one is.

When we visited the workshop, we arrived just as a batch of these mushrooms was being finished. Inspired by Tsukasa Kaneko’s carefully crafted, individual mushrooms, we also acquired a number for our store. Just like real little mushrooms, each one has a slightly different shape and color. Come see the mushroom corner in the Hagi-yaki Gallery, where visitors can take a look at all the different mushrooms. Come feel each of the pieces with your own hands, and find your favorite. (Photo to the right: Also recommended as a Yamaguchi souvenir!)

 List of new products

  • Soup cups
  • Plates
  • Small plates
  • Rice bowls
  • Chopstick rests
  • Sake cups
  • Lipped bowls
  • Mugs
  • Mushroom-shaped push pins (Large, small)
> See the history of Tsukasa Kaneko’s work with ceramics here
■Places where Tsukasa Kaneko's earthenware is sold

Tsukasa Kaneko's pieces can be purchased on the 2nd floor of Otani Sanso at the Hagi-yaki Pottery and Kaneko Misuzu Gallery. 
(Location: Across from the "Sasanka Camellia" Giftshop)