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【Yamaguchi Souvenirs】 We have new hagi-yaki earthenware from Tsukasa Kaneko (November)

Tsukasa Kaneko’s earthenware has arrived in the Hagi-yaki Gallery!

We’ve received a variety of items to incorporate into your everyday life, including pots with lids, bowls, chopstick rests, and mushroom-shaped earthenware pieces. Hold each piece for yourself and find your perfect fit. *All photographs were taken in Tsukasa Kaneko’s Studio.

The colors of autumn. Try the maple leaf-shaped chopstick rests.

Tsukasa Kaneko’s pieces will brighten up your everyday life with color. For autumn, we recommend her maple leaf-shaped chopstick rests. If you look carefully, you’ll see that each one has a different color, just like real maple leaves. Come see all of the products in the Hagi-yaki Gallery on Otani Sanso’s second floor, and take a look at their size and how they feel in your hands.

Enjoy Tsukasa Kaneko’s hagi-yaki pottery pieces everyday.

金子司萩焼1 金子司萩焼2 金子司萩焼3
The Hagi-yaki Gallery on Otani Sanso’s second floor has stocked pottery pieces made by Tsukasa Kaneko. Find stands, pots, mushroom-patterned plates, soup cups, small dishes, mini flower vases, rice bowls, and more. If we receive new shipments, an announcement will be made here in the Otani Sanso Journal, under “Yamaguchi Souvenirs.”

Tsukasa Kaneko’s History with Porcelain

  • 1970:Born in Hagi City
  • 1991: Begins to practice pottery (Hagi City)
  • 1994 :Tangible Cultural Property Ogawa-ya Exhibition Four Person Exhibition (Hagi City)
  • 1996 :Former British Consulate in Shimonoseki Two Person Exhibition (Shimonoseki City)
  • 1997 :Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Exhibition Honorable Mention
  • 2000: Gallery Somo Individual Exhbition (Hagi City), Mashiko Ceramics Competition Entry, Award of Excellence at the Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Museum Exhibition
  • 2003: Hagi Ceramics Assocation Newcomers Exhibition (Setagaya Art Musem), “A Bowl of Four” at Gallery Saito-an (Hagi City)
  • 2004 :Asahi Ceramics Exhibition Entry
  • 2005 :Individual exhibition at Gallery Saito-an (Hagi City)
  • 2006 :4th INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY CERAMIC SESSION 2006 (Buenos Aires, Argentina), workshop at the Misiones Fine Arts University, individual exhibition at spiral market selection vol. 116 (Aomori), “PLATFORM” at Akiyoshi-dai Tea Gathering (Yamaguchi)
  • 2007 :Piece displayed at Milano Salone (Milan, Italy), Korean Haki-yaki Pottery Exchange Exhibition (Korea), Hagi Four-Person Exhibition at Gallery Saito-an (Hagi City)
  • 2008: “People Who Make Mushrooms” Workshop at Hagi Uragami Museum (Hagi City), various displays in the Japanese-style exhibition room at Hagi Uragami Museum (Hagi City)
  • 2009: “Hong Gui” DIVERSIFIED MEASUREMENTS at Fu-Guei (Taipei), Workshop at Museo Carlo Zauli (Faenza, Italy)
  • 2010: Fukuya Hatchobori Store Individual exhibition (Hiroshima), Mushroom Art Laboratory Exhibition Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art (Hiroshima)
  • 2011: International Ceramics Festival MINO ’11 Entry Ceramics Park MINO (Gifu)
  • 2012: “Hagi-yaki: Yamaguchi Prefecture Ceramics Exhibition” Entry in Jinan, China (Shadong Museum), Yamaguchi Prefecture Hagi Uragami Museum “The Sensation of Memory: Feelings Placed in the Earth,” various collaborations with the 20th generation of Miwa Kyusetsu Kiln, and the continuation of the “Scripture of Himiko No. 8” (2012-2015)
  • 2013: Cheongju, Korea International Biennale Exhibition (Korea)
  • 2014 :Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Location Mush-hunting Individual exhibition (Ginza)
  • 2015 :GARNI okayama Kaneko POP UP STORE (Okayama), Milano World Fair (Italy), Ginza Mitsukoshi Gallery Individual Exhibition (Tokyo), Lucie Rie Exhibition 20 Years After the Artist’s Passing Creation of special goods
  • 2016 :Fukuoka Mitsukoshi Individual exhibition (Fukuoka), Ginza Mitsukoshi Flowers in a mirror, the moon reflected on water Individual exhibition (Tokyo)
  • 2017 :Ginza Mitsukoshi One hundred plates (Tokyo)
  • 2018: GARNI Individual exhibition (Tokyo)
■Places where Tsukasa Kaneko's earthenware is sold

Tsukasa Kaneko's pieces can be purchased on the 2nd floor of Otani Sanso at the Hagi-yaki Pottery and Kaneko Misuzu Gallery. 
(Location: Across from the "Sasanka Camellia" Giftshop)